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My Top 3 Jewelry Faves Right Now

Top off your warm weather looks with go-to pieces 

By Laura Carson Miller

I’ve always loved jewelry as a way to complete any outfit. In the 90’s I wore huge colorful earrings and tons of bracelets I made myself with tiny colorful beads strung on stretchy super thin elastic cord. When G and I started dating I was the queen of the ‘arm party’ ~ imagine that? Over the years I’ve shifted to a gold and silver jewelry wardrobe, which perfectly suits my more minimalist wardrobe style. I am currently wearing these three items on repeat! They go together seamlessly and are timeless casually chic pieces that can be worn forever, with everything. 

Thin gold hoops go with everything!

Thin Gold Hoops

These ultralight hoops are the perfect size and have the post anchor, as opposed to the continuous hoop lock in closure, which I prefer. In the aforementioned 90’s era of huge heavy earrings I was managing a hair salon and on the phone constantly. Heavy earrings and lots of phone time. Not a good combo for pierced ears. While my ear lobe piercing holes are by no means horrible, earrings with posts look better on me, in my opinion, than non-post type designs. This is just a personal preference. Hoops of course are classic and I love a thin hoop as it is just a little something instead of big statement. Something I love is when a gold or silver earring glimmers under your hair. It’s subtly sexy and fun. I got mine from J. Crew.

These bracelets are genius!

‘The unique closure on these particular bangles allows them to perfectly fit folks like me with small wrists.’

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Stacked Thin Bangle Bracelets

Let’s start here: I have small wrists. Until now I’ve found it challenging to locate bangles that stay on my wrist and don’t want to fly off, because they are so big, when I am waving my arms around in an animated fashion. Yes. I do that. Never mind everyday life stuff in the kitchen or doing laundry or whatnot. Well the Universe put these glorious bangles in front of me and they have become part of my daily look. I chose the gold/silver stack. I like the contrast worn together and of course they can be worn with both finishes or just one. And with other bracelets!! The unique closure on these particular bangles allows them to perfectly fit folks like me with small wrists. These are from Jenny Bird and I chose the 5-pack gold/silver in the 6” size.

Fun for warm weather outfits

Gold Tone Statement Earrings

I bring out these pretty and versatile earrings when the temps warm up. I love that they have a certain presence without being over the top. The wrapped gold tone threads and dangling ball element give them a unique look. They elevate a white featherweight button up with jeans or a simple black summer dress with sneakers. Be it a t-shirt with linen shorts and an oversized denim jacket or a your go-to outfit for a graduation, wedding or business meeting, these earrings add that little something that sets you apart. I don’t wear any necklaces when I wear these earrings as I prefer them as stand alone accessory. Mine are a few years old, from J. Crew Factory.

Building a jewelry capsule is just like creating a clothing and shoe capsule, you need pieces you love and can wear with everything. You need to get the very most for. Your investments! I have several Yurman cable bracelets and a few dainty diamond necklaces my sweet husband has gifted me. I wear these pieces very often, interspersed with the pieces I write about above. Of course my favorite forever, everyday pieces are my wedding band and engagement ring.  I keep my rings clean! Sparkling rings give you a lift. If you aren’t in the habit of cleaning your jewelry this is sign to start. It makes such a difference. I promise! Go try it right now!!

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