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Your Roots Are Showing

And not the kind on your hair…

By Laura Carson Miller

If you follow my Instagram or Pinterest accounts you know I’m often posting photos of the petite bouquets I love to arrange, then admire, all over our home. What you might not know is that often these bouquets host cuttings of plants or flower varieties I’m trying to root! 

Rooting plant and flower cuttings is a wonderful hobby. It is a part of gardening that offers challenge, triumph and yes, sometimes disappointment! (Whomp, whomp…) But that’s okay!

I’m not shy about attempting to propagate most any plant or flower I like. I will usually research the best way to encourage rooting from a plant cutting or an individual flower as there are indeed different methods that tip the scale toward rooting success.

Sometimes I go rouge and experiment minus any Google searches because, well, it’s fun to just try things and see what happens! Especially if I have an abundance of a plant, such as pothos, I don’t worry if my rooting test scores a Big fat F.

You can root in plain water, in soil, in sand and with or without rooting hormone. I personally use the rooting hormone powder. But I’ve read there is a rooting gel as well. Lately I’ve rooted yellow and red mums, neon green pothos, white phlox, and variegated ivy. All these rooted fine in plain filtered water. Just change it often until the roots get long enough that you can plant the cuttings knowing they have a good lifeline in tact. I’m currently entering new territory with trying to root cuttings of Phenomenal lavender and roses. These are in pots, the cuttings dipped in rooting hormone and put in dirt, then covered with a large plastic zip top bag to create a greenhouse effect. Please send positive vibes for strong roots! Watch this blog and/or my Instagram for updates!

Rooting your own cuttings is the best way to expand your garden empire – LOL – and reap the benefits of free plants you grew all by yourself!

Another great way to enjoy more free plants is to take advantage of seed pods like I do with our various varieties of hostas and irises!

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Another great way to enjoy more free plants is to take advantage of seed pods like I do with our various varieties of hostas and irises! Last fall I harvested hosta and iris seeds and I basically scattered them kinda haphazardly around the front yard, not knowing what to expect. We have a casual cottage style garden design that really suits our lot and lifestyle.

Well! This spring we had a whole new patch of beautiful purple irises come up near our bird bath and same with the hosta plants. When fall arrives I plan to repeat this harvesting process (and I have friends and family members that want iris seeds!!) and get started on filling in our side garden planters against the house with hosta plants. That side of house gets good shade which hostas of course thrive upon.

I’m excited to be sharing the seeds and spreading joy not only in our own yard but to the yards and pots of my loved ones. Sharing plants is something we’ve been doing for years in my family. It is definitely a way we share love.

If you are new to rooting cuttings it’s easy to get started. I would suggested perhaps some ivy or pothos cuttings in the beginning as they root easily in water as I mentioned before. You may find once you get started the rooting you will want to try rooting all sorts of plants!! Do it!

Imagine how proud you will be to grow your own plants from plants you already have. You can use them in your own yard or to fill out house plants you already have growing. And of course I urge you to share the wealth with your friends, neighbors and family members. It’s such a rewarding pursuit. I think if you try it you’ll agree!

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