My Top 3 Jewelry Faves Right Now

Over the years I’ve shifted to a gold and silver jewelry wardrobe, which perfectly suits my more minimalist wardrobe style. I am currently wearing these three items on repeat! They go together seamlessly and are timeless casually chic pieces that can be worn forever, with everything. 

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In Praise of White Paint

Paint is very personal. Not everyone loves white walls and I get that and totally respect it. If you love them and are considering a paint project I hope this post has helped spark your interest in pursuing some of the shades I wrote about here.

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My Triple Threat for Good Skin

Skin care is a big part of self care. Obviously people have different needs. What you need is a professional to look at your skin in person in order to make the most impactful recommendations.

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Top 3 Best Bag Styles for Spring

As we welcome warmer weather and change up our wardrobe with lighter textures, colors and fabrics, it’s a wonderful opportunity to incorporate in a new handbag into your accessories mix. Let’s look at a few classic styles and learn a bit about their history. Not only do these bags stand the test of time but they continue to evolve without losing their inherent charm and ease of function.

Join me, won’t you?

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Behold the Dreamy Dragon Fruit 

Not only is dragon fruit chock full of all manner of fiber – magical for digestion, lycopene – good for bone health and a potent antioxidant, and magnesium – important for making bone, protein and DNA, it tastes great and is highly adaptable for quick and easy enjoyment!

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Put Your Insomnia to Bed 

An unmade bed with white bedding and a leopard print pillow.

March is a wonderful time to take critical inventory of the situation with your bed, because quality sleep has everything to do with your overall quality of life. Your bed is a potential game changer! Have you been ignoring all the signs that you need to up your bed related game? Giggle if you must but you know what I’m talking about.

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The Best Buttery Cookie Recipe for Valentine’s Day or Any Day

Rolling dough with star-shaped cookie cutters on a wooden surface.

While there are many recipes available for butter cookies, and ways to make them your own ~ including a half dip in melted chocolate, adding chopped pecans or sprinkling with colorful sugar  ~ the buttery flavor and crisp texture always bring us back for more. Plus, mixing, dipping and decorating is such fun to do with your kids or grandkids!

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