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My Top 3 Picks for Early Fall Fashion

It’s never too soon to prep for my fave fashion season

By Laura Carson Miller

Ladies and gentleman! Girls and boys! Dogs, cats, fish and parakeets! It’s July! And you know what that means

I’m not talking fireworks, tomato sandwiches, denim shorts or summer camp. I’m not talking linen sheets, nude nail shades or homemade cantaloup sorbet. I’m not talking about the aroma of a rain shower on a hot afternoon. Or the fun of your bare feet on the ground while enjoying your morning coffee on a bench in the front yard as you admire your dahlias. No, no, no. 

I am talking about the fact that it means fall is coming….and just about nothing makes me happier in the world than thinking about and planning and procuring pieces for my fall wardrobe.

Are you with me? Is fall your fave time to get dressed too? If so you will likely delight in these 3 top picks with some bonus picks thrown in because, well, I love y’all and everything!!!

So let’s see what’s in my cart or in my closet waiting to be donned when the temps are more cooperative or what I have on my current wish list. Cuz everyone should have a wish list. Your dreams can’t come true if you never have any and a clothing/accessories wish list is like wardrobe dreams that you can not only visualize but help manifest with photos on a literal or digital inspiration board. You concentrate on the what and let the universe figure out the how.

And we’re off….

Madewell Suede Crossbody Bag in Deep Indigo

1. Madewell Suede Crossbody Bag in Deep Indigo

What can I say, Madewell? You had me at ‘deep indigo’ but then you go and add ‘suede’ to the mix. So what’s a girl to do?

I have been on the lookout for the right navy bag for a few years now. Plus I have determined while I love all sorts of bag styles, the crossbody, hands free option looks hot, is high functioning and just makes life easier. Kind of like I do for my husband, right?

That was a joke, if you weren’t sure.

The shorter double handles on this particular bag make it perfect to carry that way for dinner or to an art gallery or for holiday get togethers with family or friends. This bag is luxe. It’s going to look great with black, grey, cream and of course all my navy clothing items.

Bonus navy item I’m eyeing:
*ME + EM Cotton Rib Fitted Polo Top

Oliver Logan Chester Low Rise Slim Straight Jeans in Dark Aged

2. Oliver Logan Chester Low Rise Slim Straight Jeans in Dark Aged Vintage

So, okay, did you about fall out of the chair when your brain comprehended the words ‘low rise’ and ‘jeans’ for this pick?

So sorry if I turned your world upside down.

These particular jeans are a slim straight design which is the best of all worlds IMHO. Straight jeans are pretty much universally flattering on all body shapes. And while there is the whim of flare or skinny or barrel, straight is never gonna leave you at the alter so to speak. Your straight jean investment is safe forever. Always gonna be in style. All over the world. Now and one hundred years from now. Straight jeans will stand the test of time and all manner of other tests.

I have these jeans in a lighter wash and will likely procure them in this dark wash, too. But will also continue to wear my lighter wash pair through all seasons because they look so great with black shoes and bags and also red shoes and bags. And might I add ~ green shoes and bags.

And the sooner we all embrace the idea of a season-less wardrobe, where we just layer up accordingly and enjoy all our clothes twelve months a year, the better and happier we will all be.

Jenni Kayne Cotton Hayes Crew Neck Cardigan in Ivory

3. Jenni Kayne Cotton Hayes Crew Neck Cardigan

A gorgeous cotton cardigan like this one, available in ivory or black, will extend your wardrobe beautifully from summer into fall and beyond.

I own it in ivory and it layers effortlessly over a black short sleeve cotton tee or a cashmere tee or a bodysuit, or a high neck blouse in a tiny floral print or over your pilates wear as you are walking over to get a coffee after class.

Personally I love ivory with navy ~ ummm, hello Madewell deep indigo suede bag. I also think it compliments chocolate brown in only the very best way. The design of this sweater welcomes short necklaces and of course the casually chic glamour of a scarf tied at your neck.

Wish List Items…

*Dora Maar
Pre-Owned, Nili Lotan from @mrbsalinas’s closet,
Cambre Army Green Jacket

*Brochu Walker
Golden Waves Molten Pendant Necklace

Terra Leather Chelsea Boots

*Perfect White Tee
brooke – cozy triblend ribbed jogger
cassidy – structured rib maxi dress
dylan – crispy lightweight cotton long sleeve slim tee

All the love for Perfect White Tee!

Before we know it the magical time of year we know and love as fall will be upon us! Until then enjoy all the summer fashion faves including denim shorts, flowing dresses and the most gorgeous woven straw bags!

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