I started LCM Lifestyle to share my experiences, knowledge and insights on all things lifestyle.

My first career was in the salon & spa business, then I pivoted to full time freelance lifestyle writing for magazines and the web.

My husband is an architect, and we live in a 1940's cottage style house in Atlanta. We are a creative couple and our style is an eclectic blend of old and new, always! Also: I am a firm believer that decorating is never, ever done. How boring would that be?

My blog, The List, is a fresh and fun destination for inspired ideas and actionable information. I write about what works and what doesn't because that's real life!

My experience is that subtle tweaks can often be a lot more impactful in the grand design of your life than huge sweeping changes.

The little things really mean everything.

My philosophy is new isn't necessarily better.

Finding new ways to use what you already have adds a certain spice to your interiors, wardrobe, garden,  signature dish, longtime hair or makeup look and your overall life.

I believe that perfection is vastly overrated and our energy is better spent on creativity and consistency. 

No one is you, and you my friend, are amazing!  Your individuality is forever championed here!

There is really no place like home. My intention is to build a home here you can't wait to return to. 

Thank you for being here!

Why Not Live Beautifully Each Day?

Person sitting with checkered pants, one foot in a black shoe, with a polka-dotted pillow nearby.