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Long Weekend Wardrobe: What’s in My Suitcase

Relax and restore in comfortable, casually chic clothing pieces

By Laura Carson Miller

Today I’m talking about the easy pieces I have in rotation for everyday and of course for trips out of town. G and I take a lot of 3 and 4 day trips. Be it for business or pleasure we seem to have found a very happy and satisfying groove in this number of days away from our Atlanta abode. By the time it’s time to come home we are in the head space to get back to all we know and love as our daily life. And a really wonderful life it is! 

Soon we are embarking on another trip to Nashville (business) followed up by another trip to Highlands (pleasure). Both of these are car trips. Something I always do, traveling by car, plane or train, is to hang most all our clothes and cover them with a clear dry cleaning bag. I save them for this purpose and our cleansers doesn’t use any harsh or weird chemicals so it is not like I’m redepositing any crud onto our fresh clothes. Don’t worry! Placing the bag over the clothes and doing the ti-fold in the suitcase gets everything where it’s going in a pristine manner if I may say so myself. 

Now let’s talk about the wardrobe stars I find myself packing again and again.

A good hat is a must. Have you been to Highlands Smokehouse? YUM

First and foremost I love my Ann Mashburn jeans. My preferred style is the Flare Cropped 5-Pocket Jean. I have them in the color natural and another that doesn’t seem to be on the website anymore but is close to a tan or khaki shade. Both are indispensable in my outfit planning and execution. So easy to pair with sweaters in fall and winter and button ups or a t-shirt or blouse in warmer weather. 

Mashburn jeans – how do I love thee?

Speaking of t-shirts…The cotton linen blend t-shirts out there are fantastic and the linen adds a bit of sophistication, in my mind at least. Now I know there are a lot of companies that advertise on Instagram and in every catalog that comes to your door that they have the best t-shirts bar none, ever in the Universe. The prices they charge for said t-shirts, especially white t-shirts, certainly speak to their confidence in their products. Full disclosure: I’m not the biggest t-shirt person. I actually prefer a blouse but there are times when a t-shirt hits the wardrobe spot like nothing else. You know the times I’m talking about. 

I think a t-shirt with a rounded hem is much more flattering than a straight hem, especially if you are wearing it untucked.

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So, what I’ve found is Madewell has some of the best t-shirts and a price that won’t make you ask, ‘okay what will I give up to buy a few $70, $88, $95, $158, $350 or..wait for it..$640 t-shirts to refresh my warm weather capsule?’ I think a t-shirt with a rounded hem is much more flattering than a straight hem, especially if you are wearing it untucked. Madewell has a t-shirt with a rounded hem in 100%cotton for $19.50. It’s soft and wonderful and my favorite for everyday wear with jeans and midi skirts and for working out.

Rounded or frayed, an interesting hem adds another layer of style
Black midi skirt with a tee is always a winner

I love a Mashburn jeans and Madewell t-shirt combo for road trips to and from (insert destination here). I wear my Jenny Bird bangle set in gold/silver and load up on necklaces to add interest or tie a scarf around my neck so I look cute at breakfast on the day we are departing. Depending on where we go for dinner on arrival days I may switch to a feminine short sleeve blouse with my Mashburn jeans. Or to a tank dress with a button up as shacket. I swap out white Addidas Samba’s with black stripes for black or tan slides, refresh my lips with Kosas Baby Rose Sheer Lipstick and I’m ready to rock and roll.

Another pair of jeans I love for travel, my Good American Pull-On Straight Jeans. I’m a fan of the whole no zipper and button situation and adore a smooth front for a half tuck top look. These jeans are well made and are a medium wash which is perfect for a casual chic look any time of year in any city.

These GA jeans are fab! A WHATEVER sweatshirt is great for mountain mornings on the deck with coffee before breakfast.

My Nations LTD Mabel midi skirt in black hits all the right notes, particularly in Music City! It’s a breeze to dress up or down and looks casually chic paired with multiple shoe styles. I wear this with my white Frank & Eileen Featherweight button up or a puff sleeve blouse in a small floral print I got on Poshmark. It also works so well with a half tucked tee and belt at the waist. The buckle and a little bit of the belt show in the front and help define the waist area. 

Black Nations LTD midi skirt with floral blouse

Button ups are my go-to with jeans, jean shorts, skirts, over tank dresses and ‘active’ dresses with built in shorts. I always travel with them!! I have white as mentioned above, a navy and white check from J. Crew I got on Poshmark, several in varying shades of chambray and another F&E in light blue denim. I like the Eileen style. 

BTW ~ F&E now offers ReLoved Frank & Eileen where you can buy and sell pre-loved F&E items in good condition. I am so happy to see more brands embracing the opportunity to get their clothes back into circulation with people who want to wear their specific styles and branded designs. It is indeed impactful for future generations as hopefully these programs with keep slow fashions, designed to last, out of landfills.

At this point in my life I am very secure in what I like to wear. This makes packing a suitcase quick and easy. I can pack less and actually create more outfits. I often use the ‘close my eyes and put a hand on two items hanging in the closet’ method to create looks at home and when we travel. Try it sometime!!

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