My Triple Threat for Good Skin

Stay with what works, people!

By Laura Carson Miller

Last week I had a long overdue facial. 

Like many of you I love the fun parts of the facial…the cleansing steam, the layering of blissfully aromatic organic products, the relaxing caress of the facial massage and the way your skin feels post treatment.

 In the middle of all that, for me anyway, comes the part I hate: the extractions.

I have the type of skin that must be continually exfoliated. That movie, The Purge, has nothing on me. Over the years I’ve exfoliated manually and chemically and sometimes I’ve used both methods at the same time.

My aesthetician set me straight on what I need to do, how I need to do it and what I need to use for cleansing and treatment products, as I discussed in my last subscriber email, Spring Style: The Beauty Edit. 

I’m combining what I learned from her about what my skin needs right this minute, with my go-to daily products that have done me very when I used them religiously before a hiatus. I used these three products and got great results! Then I ran out and used other stuff. 

That ended up not going so well. Did you see that coming?  It led me back to my aesthetician and for that I’m grateful. I need her. Money spent on skincare is money well spent in my eyes. I always say do the best you can with what you have to work with. If that means a facial every other month or once a quarter, do that.And even if you have fabulous supermodel skin you can still benefit from the all that a great facial offers.

I checked the box and got these products on auto delivery so I don’t run out and find myself going the other stuff route ever again. If it ain’t broke…. and all that. 

“Always the night cream to seal everything in and provide moisture, improve texture and aid firmness.”

By this time you are probably wondering what exactly these products are and who exactly are they made by? Well here’s the skinny…

It’s the DRMTLGYY Anti Aging Bundle and it contains Needle-less Serum, Peptide Night Cream and the Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF 46. I use the serum each morning after cleansing and toning, wait for it to absorb and apply the tinted moisturizer. I buff it in with a brush. If I feel like it I apply a tiny bit of Laura Mercer Translucent Setting Powder with a big fluffy brush. In the evenings I do all my cleansing and always apply the night cream no matter if I’m using a glycolic acid treatment product or a retinol treatment product or if I’m taking a night off from those and using the serum. Always the night cream to seal everything in and provide moisture, improve texture and aid firmness.

Some nights I’m tired and will just a few drops of serum in a blob of peptide cream in my hand and apply that to my face and neck post cleanse/tone. Just being real. Night time is the right time for skin renewal so anything you do is better than nothing. If you are using medical grade products you are getting the best ingredients and using your time and money wisely.

Skin care is a big part of self care. Obviously people have different needs. What you need is a professional to look at your skin in person in order to make the most impactful recommendations. Be it a dermatologist or an aesthetician! If you’ve been meaning to schedule a skin related appointment this is your sign from the Universe to make that call or book online. You’ll be so glad you did. Even if you hate the stupid extractions!!!!

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