Woman sitting thoughtfully on a floral couch beside a stained glass window, pondering why haircare is like a tv series.

Why Hair Care is Like a TV Series

At the intersection of a chin length bob and Seinfeld lie the answers we seek

By Laura Carson Miller

Today I’m waxing poetic about hair and its similarities with series television. Now you might be thinking I’ve lost my mind and what in the wide world could those things have in common? Bear with me and I shall escort you down a path where your luscious locks and your favorite dramas, thrillers and least we forget, comedies, converge in a story of intrigue, laughs, and secrets and lies, with some reality thrown in for good measure.

My own current hair story is what got me on board this whole hair/tv train to begin with. In early January I got a chin length bob. (Don’t ask. This was a definition of insanity move.) Now I’m growing my hair out and don’t know if I want to continue with highlights. So I’m not doing anything to my hair for the foreseeable future. And that’s that.

Read on as I connect the dots on why hair care is like a tv series. You know you want to see how I’m going to bring this theory home…

Take a Hair Hiatus

Our fave tv shows do this magical thing that annoys us so much but ultimately just ends up making us want more. (Evil geniuses I say.) They take a hiatus. They go away. They give the show and their character in said show a much needed rest. While on hiatus they may appear in other forms of entertainment such as plays or movies. They may not perform at all and spend the time studying up so they come back all the better in the forthcoming tv series season.  If you’re unhappy with your hair ~ and by that I mean anything or everything about your total hair situation ~ embrace the glory of the hair hiatus. Just don’t do anything to your hair.

It’s a lie that you must get a trim every (pick a number) weeks or that the earth will stop spinning on its axis if you don’t get your roots touched up. If you don’t like your color and you don’t know what to do and you don’t want to return to the stylist or salon you’ve been going to: don’t. If your roots freak you out get a can of spray on root concealer at your nearby drugstore. Style your hair as normal and spray it on the roots at your part. Keep your roots a secret. As for trims, look at photos on Pinterest or in print magazines and you will see plenty of women with hair that is obviously never trimmed. Go figure. Kate Moss probably has not had a trim in, like, ten years. Kate: Trim? BLAH. Let’s go have a cigarette. I’m just sayin’. The frayed ends thing is extremely casually chic in many circles.

Be like an actress and use your hair hiatus time to study up. You can perform a deep dive into hair photos on Pinterest and Instagram. Look at the hair other people you follow on these platforms thought worthy of pinning/posting.  You can use your hair hiatus time to explore other fun beauty avenues such as new skin care routines (have you been wanting to try a peptide night cream?) or makeup techniques (research how the makeup artist on OMITB gives Mabel’s cheeks that dewy glow). This way you are still having fun with beauty and your appearance. You’re merely letting your hair breathe while you get ready for your next act. Take as long as you need!

Add New Characters to the Mix

While you’re on hair hiatus happens to be the perfect time to add some new people, places and things to the mix, just like they do on your top tv show faves! Sleep with a hair mask on once a week (you can use the coconut or olive oil you already have in your kitchen!), try a braid, messy bun or bring out those hats you have in the top of your closet. Tie a ribbon around your ponytail or embrace the bows that are so popular right now. Barrettes and claw clips have come back in style.

Finding an expert for blowouts is a nice way to have good hair while on hair hiatus. There are many salons out there focused on shampoo/blow-dry only. You can purchase a package of blowouts at a discount at many of these concept salons. Book a date for lunch and a blowout with a friend. Treat her if you are so inclined! Life is short. Don’t hesitate. Get the blow-out.

Change of Location 

One clever way the tv series keeps us interested is by changing up the location, location, location. Moving to a different house or office or city or country because someone was not getting what they wanted is forever a magnetic plot twist as it opens the door for a new outcome!

If you are unhappy with your hair or feel you are not being heard by your current stylist, you can easily find someone new and spectacular.  A simple change of location will bring you a different stylist and potentially different hair. Or a return to the very same hair you broke up with but you now want to initiate the reconciliation period.

You may love the person you’re currently seeing as a personality but maybe you feel unfulfilled in the business part of the relationship. It’s your hair that matters. It’s easy to get recommendations ~ just ask people with hair that you admire. Schedule an appointment for a consultation and see if the stylist and salon offer a good vibe. Some stylists charge a fee for the meet & greet consultation, some don’t. Ask when you call!

A very thorough consultation with plenty of give and take from you and your potential stylist is crucial! Definitely impart what you like and don’t like. Show photos of hair you like and be forthright in asking the potential stylist if your hair can look like this and if so what will it entail as far as frequency of salon visits and daily styling/maintenance? A good stylist will answer honestly. If they cannot provide the look in a photo, because say your hair texture is completely different, they should be able to offer some options for styles that would work for your hair organically. Do not be afraid to change locations as there are a lot of stylists out there who can’t wait to meet you and facilitate lots and lots of really great hair days.

Re-runs on Re-peat

Personally I sometimes struggle with a pie in the sky hair scenario where if I like my hair I tend to think a small tweak would make it even better. And sometimes that tweak isn’t small and winds up being another chin length bob that I like for a week before the grow out period begins.

What I want to stress here is that I love Seinfeld reruns more than ever right now. It’s familiar and works and is lovable. I know exactly what to expect. So I’m embracing this notion with my hair. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing your hair basically the same way all of your life. Can we take a look at icons like Dolly Parton? Jennifer Anniston? Tina Fey, Deeda Blair, Ellen Degeneres, Sofia Coppola and Lupita Nyong’o?  All staying true to what works. Feel free to confidently re-run your tried and true hairstyle for as long as you may live, with my blessing. It’s said that fortune favors the bold. Be bold and stay with the hair that is easy and feels like you.

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