An unmade bed with white bedding and a leopard print pillow.

Put Your Insomnia to Bed 

Spring into better sleep in your dream bed tonight

By Laura Carson Miller

March is a wonderful time to take critical inventory of the situation with your bed, because quality sleep has everything to do with your overall quality of life. Your bed is a potential game changer! Have you been ignoring all the signs that you need to up your bed related game? Giggle if you must but you know what I’m talking about.

Stay with me…

Begin at the beginning … your mattress

Start with your mattress because it’s literally the foundation for all things slumber related. Many major mattress brands release new models in May, so this means out with old and in with the new in March and April. If you need a new mattress for your own bedroom or a guest room, there is no time like the present to get a good deal. You are really in the catbird seat if you already know you love a particular model and are not focused on having the absolute latest and greatest in mattress innovations.

If you’re a boxspring person there are superb covers available from Ballard Designs, Annie Selke, West Elm and Standard Textile, to name a few. A boxspring cover can change the look of a bed from classic to modern to preppy to boho. In a variety of colors and textures, a box spring cover can stand out or blend in to your bedding depending on the look you are seeking. More on that below.

Don’t sleep on procuring the right bedding

Next up is your bedding. Don’t sleep  – yes, I wrote that – twice as a matter of fact, on procuring the perfect sheets, blankets, duvets and very importantly the right pillowcase. I sleep on a Mulberry silk pillowcase from Blissy. It’s great for keeping my hair smooth, eradicating skin creases and is a Good Housekeeping award winner and boasts Oprah magazine mentions. What else do you need ~ lol? I wash it on the delicate cycle and let it air dry. 

Pretty sheets are a must! I love the ones from Zara Home, Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn. Did you know the patent for the first fitted sheet was not applied for until 1957 by Bertha Berman here in the United States? Prior to that flat sheets were simply folded around the mattress. Well you can imagine about how long that lasted.  We’ve come a long way since then. If you like a sheet set by a certain brand and have not replaced yours in a while, chances are they have improved at least one if not multiple aspects of said sheet set. Designs, fabrics, you name it, it’s been scrutinized and enhanced for your best ever nights sleep.

We sleep with an organic bamboo quilt from Quince in the warmer months (which helps us sleep cooler) and a down comforter when temps get colder. I am forever throwing off the layers of covers then covering up again when I cool off.  It’s actually a process I really enjoy. Am I weird??

Use what you already have

It can be fun to switch out accessories like shams and pillow covers used on your bed for the warmer and colder months. If you have a guest bed you can easily just swap the shams and covers to offer new eye candy for your primary bed as the seasons change without spending any extra money. You can also use your washing machine to dye white or light colored shams or pillow covers you already have to give them a new life. (Disclaimer: please read the instructions on the dye box or bottle very carefully. Read that again!) 

I sometimes bring the pillow covers I’ve been using on our sunroom or living room sofa into the mix for our bed as I’ve intentionally designed our home interiors so all pillow covers work in every room. Just like with your wardrobe, if every item works together you can have fun mixing and matching and save yourself the cost of continually buying new things to get the pleasure centers in your brain firing. You know what I mean. Seeing the same pillows in a different room works the same way wearing the same white puff sleeve tee takes on a whole new look when you pair it in a new way with items you already own. Pop it under a silk slip dress. Wear it with popular midi front slit jean skirt. Layer it under your workout jacket so just the white hem shows against your black leggings. All stuff you already have.

You deserve a fabulous bedding situation

A comfortable, luxurious bed that you long to cozy up in is easily doable at all price points and is something you deserve! Do you hear me? Your bed (and its exciting accoutrements!) is a totally reasonable and logical place to invest time and money. 

So definitely get your Goldilocks on, friends! You want the mattress and bedding that is ‘just right’ and with all the choices out there, trust me, it exists! I personally recommend testing out mattresses in person and touching bed sheets with your own hands so you truly know what your are getting. Bedding is some of the most highly personal stuff you purchase for your self care and a place you don’t want to leave anything to chance. 

Now go forth and bed down. 

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