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I Made Donna Kelce’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever – Here’s the Recipe and My Review

The whole thing starts with 3 sticks of butter so we’re headed in the right direction

By Laura Carson Miller

Like many of you I’ve seen and read a lot about Donna Kelce lately and I must say I like what I’m seeing. She seems quite down to earth and like a true nurturer. She’s raised up two strapping NFL Super Bowl winning sons, so she’s definitely got some keys to the kingdom she can share with the rest of us.

I’m a person who loves reading recipes. Even if I never make the actual thing I’m reading about, my enthusiasm is in no way diminished. I have a very vivid imagination and can picture myself in our kitchen whipping up said thing and least we forget happily eating said thing. Because followthrough, am I right? I enjoy ingredient lists and I learn a lot from perusing several recipes for a certain dish and melding what I find to be the best parts into my own version like with my Pineapple Cranberry Nut Bread. Furthermore, some of the best cooking and baking knowledge one can gather comes from q and a’s with a recipe author and comments left by people who have made a recipe. 

After making Donna’s cookies my assessment is they are quite delicious! The texture is wonderful, as they have crisp edges and if you make them medium sized you get the chewy interior which I absolutely adore. Personally I am not a thin crispy cookie fan. I love that Donna uses white and milk chocolate chips. I always use milk chocolate chips as semi-sweet chocolate chips are so expected and overdone. Am thinking you could use white chocolate and butterscotch or peanut butter chips in this recipe with great success too! My husband was given a gift of some of the most delicious pecans we’ve ever tasted by a business associate and I used some of them in the cookies. For me a chocolate chip cookies without nuts is just not quite living up to its magical potential. 

The two things I’d change next time I bake these:

I’d leave out the cinnamon as I don’t see a chocolate chip cookie as needing it – just my humble opinion. And as I use turbinado sugar in all my baking and Donna’s recipe call for both light brown sugar and white sugar, if using turbinado I would cut back on it as I thought these cookies were a bit too sweet.

Here’s a link to Donna’s recipe shared through the Today website: 

Mama Kelce’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies.

If you make these drop me a line and let me know if you and yours love them. And if you think the Chiefs and/or Eagles are going to the Super Bowl and if so who are you rooting for. I really want to know!

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