A woman in a coat and boots is pulling a suitcase.

4 Go-to Fashion Items for Your Winter Holiday Travels 

I’m serving up multitasking pieces so getting dressed is an after thought 

By Laura Carson Miller

Are you settling in to a plane, train or automobile this holiday for travel to celebrate with family and friends? If so, sit back as I have some helpful information!

First things first – you must have a travel checklist and you must use it – no excuses- every time you take a trip!

Here’s your template:


-Weather Check for your Destination








-Beauty Routine Items

-Medications/Supplements/OTC Pain Reliever


By checking off items on your list each and every time you pack a bag to travel, you will avoid travel related blunders. These can include leaving your glasses on the night stand, not having the right bra for a particular top or being without something to soothe the headache that cropped up due to….. well, any number of people, places or things. Believe me, always better safe than sorry and unable to see the tv in bed at night or with your nipples showing or with a super annoying throbbing head, back or knee pain. You’re welcome.


For me, embracing a wardrobe of neutral shades and primarily solid colors has made getting dressed relatively easy and fun. Packing for a trip is now a no-brainer as I tend to make two colors my focus and choose outerwear, shoes and accessories accordingly.

Along with my checklist the other tried and true habit I use is to put most all pieces on a hanger (you can double up thinner layers on a single hanger) and cover them with a used dry cleaning bag. (Our dry cleaner  uses organic, biodegradable solvents so I’m not redepositing any weirdness on our clothes!) When you fold over your clothes in the dry cleaning bag and place them flat in your suitcase they somehow stay relatively wrinkle free plus they are protected in case God forbid there is some sort of disaster of spillage in your bag. I save a few dry cleaning bags so I always one ready when a trip is on our schedule. As I keep repeating I am all about reuse, reduce and recycle!

Here are a few wardrobe items I can personally vouch for as stellar travel picks. For reasons of lasting quality, timeless style and packing well these pieces wind up traveling with me again and again.

  1. Ann Mashburn Brushed Cashmere Twill Handwoven Scarf 

I have this scarf in the Pale Heather Wheat and it’s truly a casual chic wonder like no other. Perfect as a warming layer on a freezing plane, around your neck with your favorite field jacket a la Princess Kate or as a shawl for a party with a jewel tone silk slip dress and tall suede boots. It’s quite the versatile and show stopping ROI piece you’ll always be glad you invested in.

2.  Kate Spade Tote

You need a great tote for a million reasons, including of course toting stuff when you travel. My tote transports my laptop, magazines, and must have items like contact solution, glasses and SPF tinted moisturizer in the zippered pockets. I top my tote off with a fringed cashmere throw I take on every single trip. I actually purchased my KS tote on Poshmark. It’s black pebbled leather.  It’s very similar to the style I linked above. It arrived in superb condition and continues to serve me in great style. Everything does not have to be brand new to be fabulous.

3.  Quince Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman Crewneck Sweater

I have this sweater in brown and it is one of my most fave. Pair it with jeans, leggings or a washable silk midi skirt or long tank dress. The ribbed detailing, ultra softness and the way it may allow you to skip a jacket if you layer a button up or long sleeve tee underneath – it’s that warm – won me over from the very first wear. Free shipping and returns with Quince is just icing on the cake. And we know I love cake!

4.  J. Crew Giselle Sweater-Blazer

In a blend of cotton, polyester and merino wool, this is quite the versatile  layering piece for travel and beyond. I have it in navy which no longer seems to be available. My fave way to style it is to button only the top button and wear a body suit or thin tank top underneath tucked into these jeans.  Or don a button up blouse buttoned all the way up to my neck with the Gisele over it with only the top button buttoned. This topper is sophisticated and timeless and will serve your capsule or closet busting wardrobe equally well!

Wherever you may roam this holiday and holidays to come, having easy, always stylish, casual chic clothing and accessories choices at your fingertips will help make travel a cinch. Mastering the art of your wardrobe with quality go-to items works wonders at home and on the road. It’s never too late to get your closet in order, as once you do packing your suitcase will be an endeavor that is short and sweet and a real joy to execute.

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