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3 Secrets From Skin Care Experts! And My Go-to Skin Care Routine

Advice and products I use and how I use them, for healthy glowing skin

By Laura Carson Miller

Lately I’ve been getting lots of compliments on my skin. So I thought what better time to share my skin care routine and a few secrets I learned from my years in the salon and spa business working with aestheticians and as a writer interviewing skin care experts for magazine and website stories. 

  1. Expert Secret: Don’t spend big bucks on skin cleansers.

How I use it: I use Cetaphil to cleanse my face morning and evening. My skin responds well to a gentle cleanse and use of both physical and chemical exfoliators. I need constant cell turnover as my pores can easily clog. Think about it, both cleanser and physical exfoliators stay on your skin a very short period of time then go directly down the drain – poof. Funnel your hard earned skin care dollars elsewhere in your skin care routine!

2.  Expert Secret: Spend on treatment products including sunscreen, serum and night cream

How I use it: After cleansing I dry my face and apply toner. I like a rose toner and use either Burt’s Bees or Trader Joes. Both very reasonably priced. Full disclosure: I’ve personally struggled for years to find a sunscreen that didn’t feel heavy or sticky or like it was suffocating my skin! I tried a few tinted moisturizers with SPF over the years but none checked all the boxes until I discovered this dream product that comes in a bundle with my now fave serum and night cream.  Serums are made up of small molecules that are easily absorbed and sink deep into the skins layers. A night cream with peptides helps increase collagen production and increase skin elasticity. Peptides also address skin inflammation and can be used in conjunction with retinol products. This DRMTLGY trio has honestly made a huge difference in my skin! So important: the most key component of any sunscreen is that you find the one you will actually apply daily.

3. Expert Secret: Scrutinize Use of Botox and/or Fillers

How I use it: Zero judgement here! I got Botox for five years. I took a break last year and early in 2023 saw my dermatologist for a Botox treatment. At my appointment we discussed that I’d wanted to take a break to decide if I wanted to continue Botox. She said continual scrutiny of whether Botox or other invasive facial skin treatments are right for a patient is a healthy and wise position to take. This made me like and respect her all the more. I’ve now decided it’s no longer for me. 

4.  Expert Secret: Use the Right Retinol for Your Skin Type 

What I have done after dropping Botox is to fully embrace use of prescription Retinol. I get my Retinol from Musely and it’s so easy to procure from your sofa in the living room or your computer at your desk at work. Over the counter retinol products are also readily available from many well known brands including Olay, Roc, CeraVe, Clinique and Paula’s Choice. Delivery systems include cream, gel or serum. Consult your skin care professional on which formula is right for your individual skin needs. Regular use has definitely given my skin a great glow, improved its texture and continually primes it to make the most of serums and creams. Your treatment products can’t penetrate a buildup of dead cells!

We all know good skin care is vital piece of our beauty routine puzzle. So many strides have been made with ingredients and delivery systems! Now that you know where skin care experts suggest your dollars are most impactful you are uniquely empowered to put your best face forward each and every day.

I’d love to hear about your skincare habits, how they’ve changed over the years, which products you are loving right now or anything you’d like to share. Do you look forward to a good spa or medical facial? Is there an eye cream you swear by? Let me know! Go to the Contact page to send me an email.

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