The Best Buttery Cookie Recipe for Valentine’s Day or Any Day

Rolling dough with star-shaped cookie cutters on a wooden surface.

While there are many recipes available for butter cookies, and ways to make them your own ~ including a half dip in melted chocolate, adding chopped pecans or sprinkling with colorful sugar  ~ the buttery flavor and crisp texture always bring us back for more. Plus, mixing, dipping and decorating is such fun to do with your kids or grandkids!

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The Empowering Habits Series: Zero Expectations

Neon sign with the phrase "think about things with zero expectations" displayed, with the word "expectations" upside down.

What’s interesting is that in a completely different way, having zero expectations serves many of the same purposes as setting intention. It’a all about the situation when we are choosing which empowering habit to employ. As you work more intensely with these empowering habits you will automatically know which one to implement for each situation. Really? Yes. Really.

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Why Hair Care is Like a TV Series

Woman sitting thoughtfully on a floral couch beside a stained glass window, pondering why haircare is like a tv series.

Today I’m waxing poetic about hair and its similarities with series television. Now you might be thinking I’ve lost my mind and what in the wide world could those things have in common? Bear with me and I shall escort you down a path where your luscious locks and your favorite dramas, thrillers and least we forget, comedies, converge in a story of intrigue, laughs, and secrets and lies, with some reality thrown in for good measure.

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